Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Halloween 2014: WW Accessories

Lasso: Many yards of metallic gold trim from Joann's; I simply Fray-Checked the ends and then used this tutorial to learn how to tie a Honda knot (I also tied a stopper knot in it so it wouldn't slide around too much).  Knowing that I wouldn't want to carry it around all night, I did a loop of skirt fabric at my waist, and used one of the star buttons (the same at the straps) to close it.  It was rather fun to sneak up (or boldly approach) The Boyfriend, throw the lasso around him, and pull him in for a kiss.

Earrings: Dangly stars from ClassicallyRomantic and two pairs of metallic star studs from Claire's (which no longer seem to be on the site).

Tiara and cuffs: CapeandCloak

Boots: Super sexy PVC vinyl boots by Funtasma, purchased from SuperHeroStuff.  Surprisingly comfortable.

Tights: layered red and blue fishnets from WeLoveColors.

Hair: long hair and sequins DO NOT MIX, so I wore it up in a bun.  You can't see it in this picture, but I'm wear a hair flower over it, made with scraps from my costume, but my friend Reeb from REEBelliously Crafty.