Friday, December 25, 2015

I Heart You

The Boyfriend and I don't generally exchange gifts for the winter holiday.  We do birthdays, and we'll do something for our anniversary, but that's about it.  This year, I did want to make something for him, but with my free time being what it is these days (pretty much non-existent), it needed to be pretty easy.  So I decided to make us a couple's glove.

They go by a couple of names, the most common being Smitten (which is apparently also used for mittens made out of old sweaters).  This one satisfies both of those.  I went thirfting with a friend and found an ugly red sweater.  I should have taken a picture before I applied my magic to it, but just trust me that it was hideous.

It shrank more than I expected it to when I felted it.  I had actually been hoping to make matching mittens for the other hands, but no dice.  In fact, getting just this out of the body of the sweater was closer than I would have liked.

I kind of winged the pattern.  I should have  made the heart fatter on top and it's overall bigger than it needs to be. The ribbing for the wrists is just the bottom ribbing from the sweater.

Not that the weather is cooperating with using this. The forecast for today is 70!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Secret Santa Can Suck It 2015

It's time for Shadow Manor's Secret Santa Can Suck It!  My assignee this year is Cobwebs, who I actually know in real life.  Her house is a menagerie, so let's first start by spoiling her canine companions.

 I actually own this Martha Stewart pet bed, and my cats love it.  (Of course they would; they're my cats.)  Her doggies can curl up and sleep in style.

And these lovely treats look up their alley. Almost look good enough for human consumption.  Maybe they'll lay off of Santa's cookies.

And this variety of toys should keep them busy while they wait up for Santa.  (So they can chase his reindeer.)

I didn't leave her ratties out!  They get this new redecorated cage.

For Cobwebs herself, she gets a comfy new study, where she can read up on demon summoning or whatever else her dark heart desires.