Saturday, June 20, 2015

Deutschland Bound!

The Boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Germany in the fall, which will include a day or two at Oktoberfest.  (Yes, the non-drinking vegetarian is going to Oktoberfest.)  Never one to miss an opportunity to make and wear a costume, I decided I need to make a dirndl.

My first thought was linen, in black and a deep royal purple.  I figured linen would be the right weight that I'd be comfortable anywhere in temperatures from 60 to 80.  And then I'd do subtle bat embroidery along the hems.  So it'd be mostly traditional, with just a touch of my insanity.

And then I went to the fabric store with a friend and saw both bright orange and hot pink linen, but no deep purple.  Of course, my mind started racing.  Pumpkins on orange!  Spiders on pink!  Lace!  Ribbons!  Buttons and trim and embroidery!  Mwah ha ha!  Which then led me to thinking I should just out and out make the dirndl in Halloween fabric.  Which is completely the opposite of "mostly traditional, with just a touch of my insanity."

So, what do you think?  Traditional?  Completely off the wall?  Somewhere in between?

Of course, I still have two broken bones, so sewing anything right now is difficult to impossible.