Friday, December 18, 2015

Secret Santa Can Suck It 2015

It's time for Shadow Manor's Secret Santa Can Suck It!  My assignee this year is Cobwebs, who I actually know in real life.  Her house is a menagerie, so let's first start by spoiling her canine companions.

 I actually own this Martha Stewart pet bed, and my cats love it.  (Of course they would; they're my cats.)  Her doggies can curl up and sleep in style.

And these lovely treats look up their alley. Almost look good enough for human consumption.  Maybe they'll lay off of Santa's cookies.

And this variety of toys should keep them busy while they wait up for Santa.  (So they can chase his reindeer.)

I didn't leave her ratties out!  They get this new redecorated cage.

For Cobwebs herself, she gets a comfy new study, where she can read up on demon summoning or whatever else her dark heart desires.


  1. Oh. Wow. You DEFINITELY know my tastes.

    This is all amazing, and I honestly may have to build something like that rat playground; that is brilliant.

    Thank you, Secret Santa! You're awesome.

    1. I know your tastes because they coincide so closely with mine.

      You're pretty awesome yourself!

  2. Oh, how lovely! I'll have the house things and my little dog will have the pumpkin house!

    1. That bed is really great. I frequently find my Siamese curled up unit, with only her head sticking out.