Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabric Paint & Stencils

Anyone out there with experience using fabric paint with a stencil? I've done it before (after all, I was a Girl Scout for six years), but not in a long time. Also, I'm pretty sure that was on a t shirt. What I have in mind this time is using plain quilting cotton.

Damn, it's both wonderful and awful when I get these ideas in my head, and they have to be done now, now, NOW!


  1. It's easier with plastic stencil blanks (can find the stuff at an art supply store, Michaels, & sometimes Jo-Ann's). You can cut the blank with an x-acto knife into whatever design you like. Then place it on the fabric, use a light amount of paint, & go! Check the paint instructions - some types need to be heat-set w/an iron before you can wash it (oh, & make sure to pre-wash the fabric before you start :-).

    There's another way to do it w/freezer paper, but I haven't tried it. I'm sure if you do a web search, you'll find instructions, & I've heard that's just as easy, plus cheaper.

    1. Hmm, I'll look into that. Thanks.

      I was suddenly struck by the overpowering NEED to have the wallpaper from Disney's Haunted Mansion ( as a fabric. I have grand visions of a swirly black skirt with purple godets and spooky trim.

      I know, I am a walking cliche.