Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jareth IV: Accessories

For the last post in the Jareth saga, I wanted to cover the items that I did not sew.

  • Wig; I can't remember where I bought the wig from, nor can I find a record of purchasing it.  But here's the exact wig for sale somewhere else.  The style was called Long Rocker Mixed Blond.  It was a little lighter than I would have liked, but was quite nice for the price.
  • Scrying ball: purchased from sage-woman on eBay.
  • Leggings: my mother bought these for me when I was a teenager for a SCA event.  I'm not really a leggings person, but I'm also a packrat, so they've been sitting in the back of my various closets since.
  • Boots: I acquired these when I was in grad school; they're from Journey's.  They were the last pair on the clearance rack, they were my size, and they were $5.  It was fate.
  • Gloves: from Spirit.  Wicked cheap.  You get what you pay for.
  • Eyeshadow: I don't wear makeup on a day-to-day basis; only for Halloween, weddings, or company holiday parties.  It shows.  I got this from SobeBotanicals on Etsy.


  1. Some of my friends do contact juggling, like the thing he does with the crystal balls. They can make the balls look like they are moving of their own accord, it's pretty awesome.

    I rarely use makeup too. Yours looks way better than mine would!

    I have been thinking of getting the main pattern you used, I must do it sometime, it looks so awesome!

    This is a great run down of accessories, thanks!

    1. I am utterly amazed at anyone who can do contact juggling (or any juggling, for that matter). It might as well be magic!

      As far as eyeshadow goes, this was pretty simple: cover to eyebrow and put purple triangle in the corner. The triangles were sloppier than I liked, but it obviously didn't bother me enough to wipe it off and start over. I kept forgetting I was wearing cosmetics and all the eyeshadow rubbed off in a few hours.

      Definitely get the patterns! None of it was difficult, except for the frustration I encountered with vest, and that was mostly my own impatience and lack of planning.

      You're welcome!