Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy As Pi

Happy Pi Day!  As a giant nerd, I have several t-shirts celebrating my favorite transcendental number.  I purchased this one recently.  While digging through the stash recently for something else, I came across fabric from the cherry dress, and thought it would make a nice hair accessory.  It didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but it's still cute.

I cut a long strip from the cherry fabric and then folded it over.  I pleated it and then gathered it into a circle.  I hand-sewed it onto the barrette, and then sewed on the cherry buttons.  I had purchased them for the cherry dress and then changed my mind.  The barrettes I already had in the notions stash.

So the total cost of the project was nothing, as everything came from the stash.  It took under an hour.  I'll probably make more of these out of other scraps in the stash.  It's nice to have a perfectly matching hair accessory.


  1. I had no idea Pi had its own day. Cool! I also would never have thought to use fabric for hair accessories. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 3/14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday, so that's double nerdy.

    You're welcome for the inspiration. I'll use any method I can think of to get fabric out of the stash (short of giving it away, which I never do).

  3. I love the little cherry buttons you added - they're the perfect finishing touch! I used to never give away my fabric either - until now! The Goodwill store probably hates me because they're getting all these little half-metre bits that I can't possibly throw away, but have no more room for! :D

    1. Have you considered selling the bits online, or giving them away through the blog? I would love to give some of your scraps a home. :)