Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Along Came a Spider

I'm slowly putting my sewing room back together, but I thought I'd share a dress I made two summers ago that I forgot to blog about.

The pattern is Butterick 5642, view C.  This is a super long dress; I could have not lengthened it at all and been fine, but I added three inches because I had enough fabric.  It's now long enough that I have to wear heels with it or it will drag on the ground.  The fabric is Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Spidey's Web Black (isn't that a mouthful).

I found the instructions for putting the dress together to be weird, so I didn't really follow them.  I also skipped a lot of steps, like enclosing things in a bias casing.  It was still pretty easy.  I had the pieces cut out and the major parts pins already, but I recall I managed to get it all sewn together while watching a Troughton-era Doctor Who series.  If I made this again, I might do a contrasting insert in the bodice, instead of using the same fabric like I did here.

These pictures were taken at The Boyfriend's marina.  Minutes afterwards, the sky opened and we got completely soaked.  Phones, etc, were thankfully not damaged, though I did spend several shivery hours with my dress draped over a fan, waiting for it to dry out.

I get a lot of compliments on this dress, probably more than most of my other clothing.  I guess Spider-Man is more appealing to the average person (or at least my co-workers) than Halloween?  Twerps.


  1. Spiderman is just the human form of creepy spiders, how can a person be more halloween-y? The dress looks very summery and sweet!

    1. You're absolutely right! It's Halloween undercover.

      It's a perfect dress for a hot day since it's so light and breezy.

  2. You look great! Sorry you got drenched!

    1. Thank you!

      Really, it's our own fault. We knew rain was on the way but didn't take an umbrella or delay our plans.