Sunday, April 15, 2012


I apologize for not putting up a new post last week, and I will apologize in advance for not putting one up this week. The reasons why include:

  • It's gardening time! I spent this weekend and the last one weeding, shopping for supplies, planting, etc. Since there's a limited timeframe for this, and I'm already late to the party, I had to do it immediately. Normally, I would have shopped earlier in the season and started my seeds from scratch, but this leads to the next entry.

  • I have been under a HUGE amount of stress lately. My work situation had become intolerable, which led me to decide that it was time to quit. Because of several factors, I couldn't start looking for a new job right away - I had to wait a few weeks. And once I did start, job hunting is very time-consuming and stressful.

  • Once I found a new job (which was only two weeks after I started looking), the paperwork for it took three weeks to complete and process, and it all had to be done before I could put in my notice. Meanwhile, I had to keep on dealing with the same awful situation at work without letting on that I was on my way out.

  • Once I did put in my notice, the reason I had decided to quit decided to make my life (more) miserable for the remaining two weeks.

  • I started taking home all the books, plants, and decorations in my office. Since I'd been there for almost five years, that's a lot of stuff. Even taking home a backpack full of books and at least one shopping bag full of stuff a day, it still took the full two weeks, with now-former co-workers helping me on multiple trips the last day. All that stuff has to go somewhere, and it is currently occupying the floor of my sewing room.

  • The project I have been working on in the few spare moments I have is taking much longer than I thought. Two weekend afternoons seemed like it would be plenty - instead, it's taken that and five evenings, and I'm still not even close to done.

  • I stupidly planned an event/secret birthday party for myself next month, and that is taking up my time too.

I start my new job tomorrow, and it make take me a while to et into the swing of things. From prior experience, I am guessing that for the first few weeks, I'll just want to come home and crash. I will try to post outfits of things I've already sewn until life calms down.

Once again, I apologize. It was stupid of me to start the blog the very day I decided to move on. I've been a a bad, bad blogger.


  1. There is no need to apologize! That's just life. I started my blog shortly after I found out something very bad was going on behind my back. I've been slowly healing but needless to say I don't blog nearly as much as I'd like. This blogging community is amazing. We all understand and will be here when you get back. :)

    1. Thank you - I sincerely appreciate your empathy and support. :) Hopefully, this hiatus will be brief.