Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Michaels Haul

Some of the blogs I follow (The Halloween Tree, Old Fashion Halloween, and Vintage Halloween Collector) eagerly alerted me to the fact that Michaels has begun to put out their Halloween decorations.  (For those of you that don't know, Michaels is an arts & crafts store in the US & Canada.)  I had errands to run today anyway, so I figured a quick stopover couldn't hurt.

My first stop was the JoAnn's that's practically across the street from my house.  While they keep out their leftover Halloween fabric year-round, they only recently got their new shipment of fabric for the season.  There are some fun new fabrics, such as this purple one, but I particularly love this poison fabric.  It would make a fun tablecloth for a Halloween party, but knowing me, it will likely end up as a dress.  Sadly, my store doesn't have that in stock.

I had stopped in a few weeks ago and noticed they already had out their Thanksgiving decor out, but no Halloween.  I was certain that it would be out by now, but they still had nothing.  I asked a clerk and he said he didn't now.  He asked a manager and was answered with a shrug and a vague "soon."

Though I went to Michaels next, I will save that trip for last.  Third on the list was Hancock Fabrics.  I have only been to the one nearby my house, and I must say that I am not impressed by it.  It's mostly the poor service that gets to me, so I usually only drop in when JoAnn's is closed, JoAnn's doesn't have what I need (and I need it immediately), or to peruse their Halloween items.  They also had out their Halloween fabrics.  Some were nice, but not nice enough that I wanted to buy them at full price, so I skipped on them.  They did have out some minimal Halloween decorations, which is a good sign.  Service was much improved this time around, so I might stop in later in the season when prices are cheaper.

My final stop was Target.  When I finally found a clerk (after almost approaching two customers because they were wearing bright red shirts with khakis - oops!), I was given an apathetic "Uh...  Maybe mid-September?", which seems to be pushing it a little close.

Back to Michaels.  As I approached the store, I saw a bin of crafting pumpkins outside the store entrance, which I (correctly) interpreted to be a good sign.  I opened the door and was immediately welcomed into a store festooned in black and orange, with beautiful accents of green and purple.  I do not exaggerated when I say that I felt like I had come home.

I wish I had thought to take pictures at the time; a full single aisle full of decorations, plus numerous endcaps and several bins had so much variety of spooky goodness!  I had a hard time limiting myself to these items, but make no mistake; there will be many trips in the coming weeks.

These books are so cute!  Last year I decorated the organ in my living room with actual novels (Dracula, the works of Poe, etc).  While I knew they were there (as I was the one who arranged them just so), I don't think they stood out enough for my guests to realize their appropriately spooky nature.  These are festively distressed and easy to read, so I think they will be perfect for the organ.  And, if not, I will arrange them on the coffee table.

I plan on using those flasks in the kitchen, nestled among the Halloween foods.  I was a little (pleasantly) surprised at Michaels' variety of poison/witchy flasks.  I will likely purchase more in the coming time.  As for the tombstones, I do not have a particular plan in mind for them.  I might just take them to work to decorate my desk.  But regardless, they will be used.

I cannot express how excited I am for the coming season.  I have already started to plan the menu for my Halloween party and arrange games.  (Along with a fun little contest for the blog, if things pan out.)  Of course, I still don't have a costume picked.  Drat.


  1. Oh I got the books on the far left last year! I must get the other two sets! The kitchen is where I get kitschy, so they are a must!

    Target drives me batty with the length of time they take to put out the Halloween decor. It will not show up until very late September.

    We have one Hancock Fabrics in Plano. Since it is not convenient, I make a special trip for Halloween fabric once a year. I should call them and see if they have it out yet.

    1. My store had a bunch of other Halloween books in addition to these! It was a hard choice for me, truly. They also had a bunch of ornaments for a Halloween tree too. I've never hung ornaments on mine, so this might be the year!

      I'm very surprised that Target didn't have anything out. I remember going in late August last year, and it looked like the stuff had been out for a while. It was also more expensive than I would have expected Target to be.

      I think just about everything Hancock had in the store is available online: - so that should at least give you an idea of whether it's worth the trip.

  2. I am so jealous of those bottles! I am collecting interesting bottles for my steampunk mad scientist/ alchemy lab kind of theme I one day want for my house, and I have a few so far!

    1. I plan on one year having the kitchen decorated like a witch's cave, but it's going to take time and money to amass the correct stuff. So I'm planning on buying a few items per year until I have all I need.

      I was planning on collecting old jars (pickles, jams, etc) and making them myself, but I am always so pressed for time during the Halloween season that I never get everything done.