Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's My Party, and I'll Cry if I Want To

In the time I've had this blog (about eight months), I have made a lot of apologies for not posting as much as I feel I should be. First, it was the havoc of leaving my old job and starting the new one. Then it was my allergies. My current excuse is I was super busy making my Halloween costume, which I could not reveal because of the upcoming contest. The plan was to post my old costumes until the contest started. But because I was sewing so frantically and prepping for the party, that didn't leave me any time for blogging.

My party was last night. I just barely finished my costume - I did the final hand-sewing about an hour before the party started. I didn't get everything done for the party that I wanted. But it doesn't matter now - the shindig was last night. So while there are some alterations I would like to make before Halloween proper, I should have some free time for blogging (finally).

 So once again, sorry. There should be posts this week and the contest will start October 24 and run through October 30, with the winner(s) revealed on Halloween! I will post the rules soon too.

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