Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walk Like an Egyptian III: Waist Piece

The waist piece from my Nefertiti costume is from Simplicity 1770, view E (the same as the dress).  The pattern doesn't call for any trim on this piece; it's just cut from brocade.  My intention had been to get a bunch of jeweled trim and sew that on, or perhaps some sew-on rhinestones, but as I mentioned last time, the selection at my JoAnn's seems to be going down.  I rather liked the gold and black braid that I sewed on the edges (by hand, ew).  I had enough left from this and the neck piece to do the ankh on the drape.  The gold trim I sewed on by hand and just eyeballed it down the middle.

Again, this called for hook and loop tape for the closure, but I just hooks and eyes instead.

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  1. This was a cool costume. I love the black and gold braid!