Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skirt & Vest Pics

My apologies for the delay. I took pictures with camera phone and none of them turned out. So I tried again last night with my actual camera and they didn't turn out much better. Ugh. On top of that, I am not the world's greatest photographer. Anyway, these should at least give a sense of how the outfit turned out.

Without further ado, my skirt and vest:

I only felt like I was wearing wallpaper a little bit. The pictures of the back and sides were too blurry, sorry. :/ Here's a close up of the pocket modification.:

I wore this with my pocketwatch (of course!), a black tuxedo blouse (purchased from a thrift store for under $5), opaque black tights, white and black heels, and copious spider jewelry.

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