Friday, February 24, 2012


I had an unexpected surprise when I came home from work last night. (An aside: wouldn't all surprises be unexpected? Otherwise, they wouldn't be surprises.)

My pattern order from Simplicity! The FedEx tracking info said it wasn't supposed to arrival until today. Yay! Here's my haul:

New Look 6099: Love those lacy lapels!

New Look 6107: I like the blouse - it has a nice 1930s vintage feel. I'm thinking a nice solid in linen or cotton would rock this.

New Look 6244: I mostly wanted to try this because the seams on view D are interesting. This one doesn't recommend cotton, but watch that stop me.

New Look 6587: I recently decided that I needed a Wednesday Addams-type shirt dress. This is more fitted (as I am curvier than a six year old) and the neckline plunges a little, but this should make a nice starting point. I have a blouse pattern with French cuffs that I think would adapt nicely to the look.

New Look 6886: I liked the bolero, and of course, I could always use more Halloween-print moondresses (which are like sundresses, but I have no intention of wearing them in the sun). I particularly like views A and C - maybe in a nice subtle candy corn print? (Another aside: I don't even really like candy corn, but I love how it represents Halloween. An aside in my aside: I haven't had it in years, so maybe I'd like it now. Is candy corn vegetarian? It seems like it would have gelatin in it.)

New Look 6900: The necklace and pockets on view A are cute! It looks like the length might be too short, but that is easily adjusted. Probably in a nice bold print, with a bright color for the contrast.

Simplicity 3556: Probably my favorite of the haul. I love view D. I was thinking black velvet with navy blue satin trim! Or maybe satin with velvet trim? A nice burgundy might work too. Ideas abound!

Simplicity 3781: Eh. Not really sure why I bought this one. The keyhole in the back is interesting, but not that interesting.

Simplicity 3785: The gathering under the bust is unusual. Not sure which view I'm going to make yet, or in which fabric, but time will tell.

Simplicity 4077: I think I bought this for view A? It kind of has a neo-Victorian feel to it. I bet it would look smart with a bold vest and a solid black pencil skirt. Maybe with contrasting lace? Hmm.

I don't normally buy patterns online (I wait until they're on sale for a dollar or two at JoAnn's), but this sale included out of print items and New Look (which don't go on sale because they're only $3.99 to begin with), so I bit the bullet.

No, I didn't need more patterns.

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