Sunday, June 17, 2012

Green with Envy

Due to Red & Black week and being out of town this weekend, I don't have any new sewing to show you. Instead, I raided my closet to show you this dress that I made just before I started the blog.

I've mentioned previously that I am frequently get on kicks for a particular style (usually vintage-inspired) or color combination.  In this case, it was both.  New Look 6776 wanted desperately to be sewed, but I hadn't yet found a fabric that tickled my fancy.  I woke up one morning wanting to wear green, which isn't too prominent in my wardrobe (despite being my favorite color).

To remedy this, I went on a fabric search.  Unfortunately, black and green isn't too common a color combination.  Although I love this fabric (Boo to You! by Riley Blake, which also comes in purple and grey), I wasn't too happy about making another vintage-inspired dress in polka dots, because I had just made one the previous summer (in orange, which I will feature at some later date).  Obviously, my reluctance was overcome in the end.

The fabric for the sash is nothing special.  It's just a quilting cotton from JoAnn's.  They did have an exact match for the dots, but it was just too stark against the dress.  I thought this one, with its own dots, looked better.

If the bolero looks familiar to you, I direct you to my second pattern review, featuring Simplicity 2183.  I am getting more use of out of this more than I thought I would, because the bolero is frequently waiting to be washed when I want to wear it.  This means, of course, that I must make another and/or more in a different pattern.

Finally, onto the pattern review.  The dress isn't as simple to make as it looks.  There's gathering under the bust, which I expected, but it also has pleats in the front and back (which are covered by the sash).  It is also lined.  It isn't difficult at all, just it's more complicated than it seems.  The sash, however, is ridiculously simple.  I would recommend this for an advanced beginner.

Modifications made: I shortened the straps (as always) and lengthened the skirt (as always).  I made the sash in the largest size in the envelope because I like having lots of dangly ends.

One final word of caution here: take care when choosing a fabric for this dress because some of it is cut on the bias.

Barrettes: Etsy, ~$2
Earrings: Etsy, ~$5
Socks: Target, $7 for a package of six vibrant colors
Shoes: Famous Footwear, $70 (more expensive than what I usually go for, but so comfy and so worth it)

Yeah, my hair is wet again.  Sorry.


  1. It looks great. The fabric fits so well with the pattern. And I love how you've combined it with those green socks. I always hesitate when thinking about wearing socks with a dress and never do, finally. But you encourage me to give it another try.

    1. Thank you. Do it! Here are my thoughts on wearing socks with a dress:
      1) Most of what you need to look good when committing a fashion faux pas is confidence you look good while doing so.
      2) It's only a faux pas because someone else said it was.
      3) Preventing blisters trumps style.

  2. Fabulous dress! :) Green and black is such a lovely color combination.


    1. Thank you. I have my eye on some green and black stripey fabric at the moment, which is begging me to make it into a dress shirt.

  3. Cute! The sash is great and the green socks rock. :)

    I have to say this post is perfectly timed! I hesitantly bought polka dot fabric last weekend but couldn't decide if it would be too busy for a dress. Now, seeing your fabulous polka dot dress, I'm glad I bought it.

    1. Great minds think alike! I hope you'll post the finished dress on GIY.

  4. I absolutely love this dress -- the neckline, the color, and the sash. Well done!

    1. Thank you kindly. I love this cut, which I think is very flattering to a lot of different figure types, and the color combination is so fun.