Thursday, August 23, 2012

My JoAnn's Haul

Featuring Lydia's whiskers
I've now featured my goodies from two shopping trips to Michaels (here and here).  (BTW, the hearse is now sitting on my desk at work.  My co-workers haven't cooed over it like I have, but they did say "yeah, it's cool" - for normally people, that's a pretty good response.)  But now, can I get a "hell yeah!"?  I stopped it at my local JoAnn's on the way home to purchase the remainder of my Halloween fabrics (and they had what I needed!), and Halloween stuff was out!  Still not fully stocked, but they had stuff!  Great stuff!

Now, I know that if I had waited a week or two, the price on all this would have been reduced 25%, but I COULD NOT WAIT.  No, don't point out that I already have orange stripy socks (and several pairs of tights too), or that I wall clings are a pain in the ass.  I DO NOT CARE.  I must appease my Halloween needs.

Oops, I didn't buy notions for my costume today.  I guess I'll have to return in a few days or weeks. :)

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